Why join Delt?

Delta Tau Delta is a non-hazing fraternity, and we are always recruiting for potential new brothers to join our organization. We asked three brothers why they joined Delt.

Harrison Byers: (Fall 2017)

I joined Delt because I loved spending time with the brothers. It’s been a phenomenal experience for me because I now get to share in a community that is full of people I’m extremely close to, and people that I can’t imagine my college experience being without.

Darius Lim: (Spring 2017)

I never really considered pledging even up until the start of Freshman Spring. But then I happened to chance upon Delt during open rush and was pleasantly surprised to have a truly heartfelt conversation with a Brother after so much small talk elsewhere. For me, that was the defining reason for signing the bid. Many uncertainties remained though. One of them was Greek hazing, but Delt is a proud non-hazing fraternity. While pledging in Delt, I came to understand that the Brothers consciously choose not to haze even though they have the power to do so because they wish to treat the pledges with dignity and respect. Another uncertainty was the time commitment, but the Brothers cut down on unnecessary events and actively accommodated our schedules to ensure that pledging did not hinder our daily lives. Lastly and probably most importantly was that I am an International student. But through the whole process, the pledges had become formed real bonds not only with each other but also with the rest of the fraternity. While at the Delt house I really don’t feel the separation between Americans and Internationals; we’re all Brothers.