Why join Delt?

Delta Tau Delta is a non-hazing fraternity, and we are always recruiting for potential new brothers to join our organization. We asked three brothers why they joined Delt.


Zac:  Pledging Process and Leadership

I’m somewhat of an anomaly, because I actually pledged Delt the spring of my sophomore year. During my freshmen year, I had rushed completely different fraternities and ended up pledging a different fraternity. While I had really enjoyed rush and meeting the brothers, I found the hazing during the pledging process both degrading and unnecessary. Instead of fostering brotherhood, it created animosity between the pledges and the brothers. I dropped. I thought that was the end of Greek life for me. It’s harder to pledge as a sophomore, I was turned off by my prior experience and I thought that non-hazing fraternities on campus were “lame.” Fortunately though, a Delt invited me to rush and I stopped by since the 4007 Baltimore was on my walk home. At rush, I immediately felt at home in the warm community that Delt has created, and I later signed a bid. Delt’s pledge process was completely different from what I experienced previously, as they do not haze. I found the process created real bonds between the pledges, and I felt like I was friends with my pledge educator and the other brothers, even before I was initiated. Within one year of initiation, I was elected President of the fraternity. As a smaller fraternity, we have unusually large opportunities for leadership. This experience, more than any other, has prepared me to work in and manage teams outside of Penn.


Dane:  Athleticism and Academics

dane1I went into college not thinking I was going to join a fraternity. I knew I was going to be on a sports team and pursuing an engineering degree so I didn’t think I was going to have the time for greek life. But just for kicks, I decided to go through the rush process for the experience, with the slight chance I might change my mind. When I met the guys from Delt I decided to give greek life a real shot. The friendships I have made within the fraternity are ones that extend beyond each weekend and I know will last past graduation.  Each brother is there for one another and being in the fraternity has made me a better person, exposing me to opportunities not available otherwise and allowing a place to hang and relax with real friends. Joining Delt is a decision for which I will always be grateful.




Eugene:  Social and Brotherhood

Eugene I’m probably not the right person to ask “Why did you join Delt”. I think I joined for the social aspects, but stayed because of the brotherhood. I was pretty sheltered during high school and and NSO was just incredible. However, I always hated the ratio issue and eventually the allure of of these parties full of anonymous people wore off. At one party, I hit it off with some brothers who invited me to a sorority mixer. That mixer was on a completely different level – less crowded, much more enjoyable and I felt pretty cool since I was a freshman. From there, I was hooked and now I help plan mixers, date nights and open parties, which I get to attend with my best friends! It’s awesome to have this social outlet.

Delt is much more than that though. When I joined, I found that I gained a really cool group of friends who actually cared about me. I ended up  needing surgery my sophomore year, and it was my brothers who took me to the hospital and visited after surgery. That really meant a lot, because you really find out who your friends are, when you are in trouble and need help.